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Arts Curriculum

Starting in kindergarten, all Chappell students receive music and visual art as part of their weekly enrichment classes. 

K-8 Visual Art

Students build their skill set, confidence, and creative ability while producing thoughtful works of art. In the art room, students also gain the ability to reason and express themselves in a completely unique way. Students learn how to read artworks (amateur and professional) and how to reflect on their own and others’ art. 

K-3 General Music

In general music, students will learn how to use their body and voice to make music. They will discover how music can tell a story through ballet, theater and opera. They will also learn about different singers and songwriters while participating in weekly sing-alongs. 

4th-8th String Orchestra

Starting in 4th grade, all Chappell students participate in string orchestra as part of their general music education. Students may choose from violin, viola, cello or bass and are provided an instrument to use in class. In orchestra class, students learn music literacy and theory while working together to perform and rehearse as an ensemble. Chappell’s string orchestra program has been made possible through grant funding by Ingenuity and a partnership with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Amundsen High School.